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Walnut Ridge Vineyards and Farm started as a dream of Lisa and George Zimmermann. In 2001 with the purchase of 465 acres in Hopewell Township and the birth of their son, Nicholas, the dream was realized. The name was inspired by the many beautiful groves of black walnut trees found on the property. George an entrepreneur from New York and CEO/owner of Sertec Corp., who started the “How’s My Driving” business could not stay retired for long. A vineyard was started, inspired by the Salandra’s Italian relatives, which now consists of over 20,000 grape vines and has been bottling for over 5 years.​

On board at Walnut Ridge are wine expert Bob Green, who designed the wines, and vice president Denny Lugaila, who oversees operations. “Our wine is by far one of the best in the Northeast,” said Lugaila. “The quality of our wine is exceptional. I came from Southern California, the mecca of the wine industry, and our wine will stand side by side with any wine in California."

Walnut Ridge Vineyards in Avella Pennsylvania, is fast becoming a destination for wine lovers in the region. Walnut Ridge wines are available at The Grand Concourse restaurant at Station Square, where it is a popular selection, and at Giant Eagle stores and other shops throughout Ohio.


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